Can I use your music in my gaming videos or streams ?

As stated everywhere across my channel, i am not allowed to give anyone permission. Please try and reach out the respective composer/label

Can you send me a download link for 'x' video/music

No, sorry. The only way is to buy it, or have access through services like Spotify.

Can you send me your Background or Animation ?

The Source of the Artwork is always included in the Video description, however the animation are made by me, which i cannot share with you because making them available for everyone was not part of my agreement with the respective Illustrator

Where can i buy this exact mix ?

Unfortunately nowhere. The only way is to make your own Playlist in like Spotify or YouTube with each individual Title. Otherwise straight up buying each Title is also an option.

Composer Submissions

To keep the quality of my channel, i won't upload every single track, please compare your music with my other uploads, to get an idea what my standards for uploads are. If you don't get a response within 14 days, then your track was not chosen. (please dont be discouraged by this, you may submit as many tracks as you like)

Submission Form - MUSIC

Submission Form - ART