Can i use your music in my videos?

As i stated everywhere across my channel, i am not allowed to give anyone permission.

Please try to contact the respective composer/company.


Can you send me a download link for 'x' video/music?

No, sorry.


Can you send me the link to the background picture ?

The source of the picture is always included in the description. Even if it's not, there are plenty of ways to get it, try google. :)


Where can i buy this mix ?

Unfortunately nowhere. Maybe in the future but for now the only way to get it,  is to purchase the individual tracks. Purchase links should be in the description of all 'individual' uploads. 




All my videos were given a special license directly from the artists.

I am in no position to give anyone permission to use the music i upload.

All music on my channel are copyrighted

Submissions Composer


To keep the quality of my channel i won't upload every single soundtrack, please compare your music to my other uploads, to get an idea what my standards for uploads are.


If you don’t get a response back within 7 days, then your track was not chosen.
(feel free to submit as many releases as you please.)


Please include all links you want me to put in the description.


I usually upload new videos every 3-5 days! I am not able to give you exact upload dates.

If i choose to upload your track, you will get a notification mail from me.

Please reload



If you think the time i spent making all these videos is worth something, feel free to buy me a drink :)